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Siliconen placemat Cloud with bib

From: 28 17 

  • Uncomplicated to clean – even in the dishwasher
  • Anti-slip effect – remains stuck
  • Ideal gift for fresh parents
  • Helps your baby to learn independent eating
  • Makes your life a lot easier.
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Description de Siliconen placemat Cloud with bib

Our useful placemat with bib is made from food-grade silicone, so 100% safe for your little one. For your trendy baby this cool placemat with bib is a must have at his dining table. Friends, grandmother’s grandfathers here is the ideal gift for parents who have just turned up, but also a suitable birthday gift or baby shower gift. The silicone placemat is super practical and easy to roll up to store or take on holiday, outing or visit with your family and friends.

Does your child learn to eat independently?

Great, with this important step your baby has a strong companion in our practical silicone placemat with bib. Create an extra cozy place for your little one at your dining table. Crumbs and spilled drinks now end up less quickly on your dining table and grounds, thanks to this BPA-free placemat  with bib. The cute silicone placemat Cloud helps your baby to learn independent eating and makes your life a lot easier.

Anti-slip effect – remains stuck

The silicone placemat with bib sucks on the table top with smooth surfaces. This reduces the risk that your baby or toddler will shift the whole placemat during dinner or throw it even worse on the floor.

Uncomplicated to clean – even in the dishwasher

Our cute silicone placemat Cloud is temperature resistant from -40 to 230 ° C. You can easily clean it with hot water and detergent. The mat is absolutely dishwasher safe and so you can simply give this must have a turn in your dishwasher . Thanks to the thick silicone, the baby / toddler placemat Cloud is form-retaining and does not deform in the dishwasher.

Silicone Placemat lasts long 

Silicone is a durable material and hardly wears out, which means that our silicone placemat will last for a long time. In contrast to placemats for babies or toddlers made of plastic or plastic. The 100% safe and flexible placemat does not discolor and even stubborn blueberry stains can simply be pearled off. It is absolutely not possible to break off pieces from the silicone mat.

Placemat from silicone practically during tinkering

Tinkering with your own child (ren) are experiences that you do not want to miss as a parent. It is only a few years that your child (ren) want to tinker with their parents. You take along many beautiful memories during the craft and also stimulate the creative development of your child. An indispensable must-have is our cute silicone placemat with bib as the ideal surface during tinkering with your toddler .

Let your child be accompanied by our cute silicone placemat with bib!

Choose color and your cute silicone placemat  with bib is almost at your home. 

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