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  • QTwins “Sports mascot” – educational game from 2 to 100+
  • Exclusive as Download Package, Craft Package & Ready-to-use set available
  • Analogue alternative to digital games &  guarantees hours of fun.
  • Stimulates creativity, trains memory, concentration and fine motor skills
  • 1 Basic Pack for more than 5+ game variety
  • Difficulty: Easy

QTwin’s “Sports Mascot” game

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Playing together is not only fun during the colder time of the year. Throughout the year, playing together provides a lot of added value for your parent-child relationship , your family relationship and friends relationship. It is even more fun to discover a brand new, educational and exciting game together, such as our fun QTwins “Sports mascot” game. The unique game looks like a simple game. But it has versatile play options, which guarantee limitless fun with child (ren) from 3+ years.
Especially in these special times, the educational QTwin’s “Sports mascot” game is an analog alternative to digital games. It is suitable for young and old. Play it with several or alone. Playfully, this great card game stimulates imagination and creativity. It trains memory, concentration and fine motor skills from 3+ to 100+.

Basic pack for different game variations – discover them all!

The basic package QTwins “Sports mascot” includes 22 different sets of QTwins cards with motifs of funny sports mascots. Our QTwins cards have the innovative shape of a hexagon, also called honeycomb. Hard-working bees have inspired us to use the special honeycomb shape for our QTwins game cards. Our test players were immediately enthusiastic about how well this form can be played. Thanks to the honeycomb shape, the QTwins game developed from us has so many different game variations. D by giving each side of the card a different color, namely pink, dark blue, orange, yellow, light blue and green, we were able to lay the foundation for fascinating color game variations. The added 4 Wizard cards bring extra play options and ultimate excitement to the game.

How can you play QTwin’s “Sports Mascot”?

Find the twins – play QTwins Default

The goal is to find as many sets of identical QTwins cards as possible. All tickets are covered extensively on the table. During his turn, the player must always turn over two cards of his choice. Everyone must of course be able to see which tickets they are. If the player turns over two of the same cards, the player has found a QTwins set. Then it is his turn again, until he has turned over two cards, which no longer form a set. Goal, collect as many sets as possible.

Example set QTwins Sport mascotte

Extra excitement – with the QTwins Wizard card

QTwins Wizard itself is played the same as QTwins Standard. Several “Wizard” cards provide extra fun in this game variation. These act as universal cards, replacing other cards during the game. Swipe the “WIZARD”! Throughout the game, each player has the option to swipe the “Wizard”. But beware a “Wizard” card can also neutralize itself!

Train your concentration with our QTwins Connect color game

Each player must now try to put the same color bars together as much as possible. However, the player must be careful that the cards are placed together correctly. Also in this variation you can steal the Wizard card and use it to your own advantage. It is educational for toddlers if you name the color of the connecting bar together during the game. In this way they learn to name and recognize the colors in a playful way.

Nice play expansion: if your child recognizes the colors a bit, you can expand the game, so that each player has to name the color of the connecting bar during his turn. Here and there you can safely say the wrong color and watch the reaction of your toddler.

You play as a busy worker bee QTwins Honeycomb

In the QTwins Honeycomb game you are the hardworking worker bee and build as many closed and filled circles as possible from the hexagonal QTwins cards.

Download & crafting, craft package or ready-to-use set

QTwin’s “Sports Mascot” is initially an educational game for play & craft fun . You can download our exclusive game and print it yourself on sturdy paper. By tinkering together or themselves, children in particular develop much more involvement and passion for the game and experience extra satisfaction. You can be playing the new game in an instant, without having to leave the house or wait for it to be delivered.
Excellent if you are looking for a brand new and exciting game for a games afternoon, children’s party or just “Lets Play” afternoon.

Prefer not to print and laminate yourself? Then order the craft kit QTwins “Sport mascotte” or the “done for you” set QTwin’s “Sports mascot” .

Lamination for long-lasting fun

Laminating the QTwins cards is not necessarily necessary, but it does have its advantages.

  1. You can use paper from 80 grams (standard printer paper)
  2. It makes every honeycomb card even more durable and sturdy.
  3. The cards are washable with a damp cloth and mild soap. Handy after a long game night or children’s birthday with chocolate, chips and lemonade.
    You can even clean them with a disinfectant cloth. They are Corona proof and Lockdown friendly.

QTwin’s basic package can be extended indefinitely

The innovative QTwins concept offers a wide range of Ad-on sets, surprising extras or exciting themes to expand as desired. Mix the sets together – and thus create a new game in no time for new and exciting educational fun.

The versatile QTwin’s “Sports Mascot” game is looking for you!

Choose package! Order Now! Play together!

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We wish you lots of fun playing QTwins!


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