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QTwins Shapes Add-on for extra playing fun

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Expand your QTwins game infinitely

QTwins Shapes is an Add-on set that can be played with any basic package of QTwins. This expansion is a new game for even more exciting fun. The purpose of this game expansion is: To recreate the shape of a figure sheet with the QTwins cards.
This is an instant digital download. Nothing will be shipped.
After receiving your payment, you can immediately download and print the figure package and play immediately. Note: you can only download the package once!
This item is available for personal use only. It may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed unless you have the permission of Qviper.

Download Package Contents

  • PDF file with 14 QTwins shapes – for printing
  • PDF file with 16 QTwins shapes points – for printing
  • PDF file with 6 QTwins shapes with drawbacks – for printing
  • Score list book Shapes – for printing
  • Special score list Shapes +/- – for printing

QTwins Shapes – exciting expansion for game variety QTwins Connect

The player may place the first card of the figure on the table wherever he or she wants. The next ticket must be placed in the same way as with the game variation QTwins Connect. So only the same color bars may be placed together (for example green color bar on green color bar). He has to make sure that the image is always in the same direction as the starting map. You may only try to connect one card per turn, after which it is the next player’s turn.

QTwins Shapes – Ultimate Game Expansion

In this video we have a small overview of the different figure sheets for you.

Exchange Wizard for extra QPoints

The “Wizard” card can be connected anywhere, so it forms a universal card that can replace another card. Another player can of course also steal the “Wizard” card, if he or she has the matching card. For a traded-in Wizard card, the player receives the double the amount of QPoints

QPoints = Minus &  PLus

With our Add-on Shapes you also receive figure cards with a combination of plus points and minus points. This creates extra tension and offers the possibility to practice extra math exercises with addition and subtraction in a playful way.

Winner is the one who has the most points

The player receives points for each connected QTwins card. The points can be found on the figure sheet within a honeycomb.

Download, print and you have a brand new game variation at home.

We wish you a lot of fun!


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