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Magic Bun Maker easy to make your perfect bun

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Making the perfect bun by yourself is now very easy with our soft Magic Bun Maker!

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Description de Magic Bun Maker easy to make your perfect bun

You probably recognize it: making the perfect bun yourself is not that easy. A well-fitting bun is also not done as quickly as we want some videos to believe.

It takes time and requires some practice.

Would you rather not opt ​​for a club in a hurry? What a shame, but from now on it is almost no excuse not to go outside with the perfect club. With our soft Magic Bun Maker you can create a perfect sitting bun in no time. This practical bun maker is even super simple for a starting bun fan to style your hair yourself, for both daily and special occasions. Even I was not really handy to style a good sitting bun with me. Most of the time it was that I was almost done with the bun, but at one point or another it wasn’t as perfect as I wanted it. Last but not least it was still choosing a different style. At my product investigation I found our soft Magic Bun Maker!

What happened after the first product test was so much fun, but read for yourself … What a super nice bun – you look good Without much hassle I could make a nice bun with the practical helper. Great, but will he be stuck for several hours? The product test went in the second round. Life test at a birthday party of good friends. “What a wonderful bun you have today, it looks really good on you.” these were the first words that I got to hear from my best friend this evening. “You didn’t make it yourself?” I proudly told that the bun was made very simply by myself. She could hardly believe it and wanted to learn from me.

Magic Bun Maker, your well-kept secret After such a compilment, of course you don’t like to tell your trick.

Your secret that you don’t even share with your best friend. you no longer have to worry about that. You now simply make the most beautiful hair creations with one accessory. And it is also very easy to use. Within a few seconds you will have a nice bun in your hair. Ideal when you are in a hurry and still want to look stylish. The material is made of synthetic hair, so it will not stand out among your own hair. Do you want a nice high bun? For the beginners it is easy to make a tail first. Make sure the end of your hair is placed between the two strips. Now simply roll upwards until you reach the top of the hair elastic. Now fold both ends of the strip together. This will now form a nice round. You can slide away any loose picking nicely below and you are ready to go.

The Magic bun works for every hair type and thanks to the durable design you create a bun that stays in place nicely all day long. See the attached image for this. Not so much time to do your hair? Easily create the perfect bun with this Magic Bun Maker. Simply roll your hair in the Bun Maker and it will disappear under your hair in a nice bun. The bun maker is lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. To use for (shoulder) long hair! We also supply a transparent hair elastic. Completely complete!

Dimensions: 21.5 x 2.5 cm Weight: 35 grams Set of 2 pieces.

The Magic Bun Maker stays in place all day and you will not be bothered by it.


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