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Catface storage bag (3 colors)

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Catface storage bag guides you everywhere

  • Undoubtedly, one of the cutest Make-up bags.
  • Perfume, nail polish, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara,
    contour pencil and make-up store neatly arranged
  • Excellent for traveling & amp; at home.
  • Keep small things like mobile, charger and earplugs.
  • The catface storage bag comes with a soft fluffy
  • Indispensable for every woman
  • Choose out 3 colors; blue, black, pink
Can arrive at your home: 7 November 2019
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Description de Catface storage bag (3 colors)

We women have many cosmetics

To show your beautiful, feminine appearance, applying cosmetics is a daily task. You rather have less or extensive make-up. But how can you store all these make-up products clearly? And how quickly can they be found in your handbag?

Is your cosmetics stored in a chaotic manner?

Today we offer you a cute solution for more overview. They look at you very much in love, the cats eyes of this cute storage bag. This beloved catface storage bag offers plenty of space for lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, perfume, foundation, eyeshadow, brushes, make-up mirror and everything you need every day. Simply close the storage bag with the soft fluffy on the zipper.

What color does your favorite catface storage bag have?

This enchanting storage bag can be purchased in your favorite colors blue, black or pink. You think they’re all funny? Seize! Order the entire Catface family storage bags today and enjoy a big discount of € 3, – * Promotion expires 30-11-2018

Suitable for quickly finding small things

Use the black Catface storage bag for all the little things that you would like to find quickly, such as electronics, separate USB cables, charger and earphones. Everything handy in one place!

Discretion for your personal hygiene products

Would you like to keep your personal hygiene products somewhat more discreet? The blue catface storage bag is ideal for this. She stores your various hygiene products, such as sanitary napkins, tampons and panty liners. Whether in the bathroom or traveling – your blue catface storage bag always stays slightly more insidious.

Nice to store your handicrafts

You like creativity? Crochet, knit or bracelets? The pink blue catface storage bag is great when you store your yarn, crochet hook, knitting needle, crochet pattern, meter and scissors in her tummy. Put them in a nice place in your living room. Here, her adorable cat eyes will love to animate you every day to continue with your crochet, knitting or knot work.

Clearly stored away – quickly found

This beloved catface storage bag (family) effortlessly offers enough space for everything a woman needs for traveling or at home. You can store make-up and many more things in a funny and convenient way. You have all your stuff at your fingertips.

How can I order this cute Catface storage bag today?

Click SHOP NOW. Choose your  color. Place in your shopping cart.

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You want the whole family?
Would you like to offer the whole family of bags a new home?

Choose under  color: complete bag set & you will receive a substantial discount of € 3, – today*Action expires 30-4-2019


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