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Promote the development of your child(ren) from the age of 2 in a playful way with our funny numbers cards of Elefant Elfi. Help your child(ren) to discover the exciting world of numbers, number relationships, counting and first arithmetic tasks with a wide variety of exercises and games.

I know that with my number cards, your child will quickly and easily learn to love the big world of numbers.

Ideal for parents, grandmothers and grandfathers or primary school teachers.

Instant Download, Numbers Cards for Kids, Pre-School + Kindergarten, Digital Download

Learning Numbers with Elephant Elfi

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✔ First start counting together with your child , for example, the Elefant Elfi numbercards with number 1-5.
Let your child choose which number it like the most or which number should be the number of the day or week.

✔ Activity Poster Elefant Elfi
Together with your child you can then set up the chosen number of the day/week on the Elefant Elfi poster, by using the number line (included in the digital download).
Together with your child, you can now consciously keep an eye out for this number throughout the day.

✔ Use this number card to tell your child a story about Elefant Elfi adventures with the number 4, instead of reading a story to your child before going to sleep.
Small suggestion: Maybe he has learned from Monkey Theo, that he has 4 legs – of course there are no limits to your imagination.

✔ Use the counting cards to play simple memory (simply print out number cards twice):
While playing, you and your kid can learning the numbers by naming the number of the card of telling every Elefant Elfi on a number card loud.
Please give your child enough time here. Help him only, when it really can’t get any further.
Every other participant grandma, grandpa, father should also count the objects out loud. (Feel free to do something wrong that the child can correct you – learning with a smile)

✔ First Arithmetic Tasks:
Take two cards that your child can use to add the two numbers together by counting the elephants. Make a funny game with several cards ( 6-8 cards).
You of your child can flip two (or more) cards. Then you of your child can add up the two numbers by counting all elephants on the number cards together.

The Elefant Elfi Number Learning Pack consists 3 different versions of number cards.

1️⃣👉 VERSION: Illustrations plus circles
In the first version of the number cards, the illustrations are in a yellow or blue circle.
They are divided into five rows and go up to the number 15. On each card of equal value there is one matching number and one no number. This format helps with faster counting and makes it easier to understand multiplication.

2️⃣👉 VERSION: “Only” Illustrations version
The second version include “only” the illustration, one with and one without numbers.
Well suited, for example, to playing the game “Find the right number card with or without a number” Memory with the whole family.
Great for simple counting exercises, such as adding up two cards, are playfully designed and are not just fun for small children.
Little insider: there have already been adults who suddenly could add exactly the two numbers that they had always failed at.

3️⃣👉 VERSION: The clutter version
The third version I call the clutter version. In this version the illustrations of elefant Elfi on each number card is completely jumbled together.
Of course there are also cards with and without numbers of equal value. This version is about quantity acquisition and also strategic counting.

But with all these versions, it’s very important that they never forget to have fun,
because with a laugh you learn everything much, much faster.
Of course, you can also use all versions together with your child – there are no limits to your imagination.



* This listing is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY.
No product will be physically shipped to you.

** Colors may vary slightly due to different color monitors.

*** This digital download is for PERSONAL use only.
You may NOT use the Elefant Elfi Number Learning Pack for commercial use.



– 1 set with 3 versions learning number cards with a lovely illustrations of Elefant Elfi
– Activity poster “Elefant Elfi”
+ Numberstrip 0-15
+ 15 Tracing numbers PDF
+ Numbers cards 0-15
🎁 Elefant Elfi Colorpage & Dot-to-Dot Colorpage

1 ZIP files.
– Landscape
– US Letter (11 in. x 8.5 in.)
1 ZIP files.
– A4 (297mm × 210mm.)
You can choose between A4 or US Letter (11 x 8.5) size.
Both sizes are included in the purchase.



1. Purchase the Elefant Elfi Number Learning pack on Etsy.
2. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a download link in your specified email address
(Kindly check your spam mails if you didn’t receive any email after purchasing).
3. Click the “Download” button to start saving your purchased printable worksheet.
4. Start printing and enjoy!


1) Download the zipped folder.

2) Extract the zipped folder
– On a Mac – Double click on the .zip file
– On Windows – Right Click > Extract All.
If you don’t have an unzipping program,
download from here: 7zip : http://www.7-zip.org/ or Winzip : https://www.winzip.com/landing/download-winzip.html

3) Open PDF template in Adobe Reader (download it for free at http://get.adobe.com/reader)

4) Please print one-sided! You can also use colored paper. Toddlers will find it even funnier.

5) Then cut the number cards out and the learning fun can begin.

6) Print the poster and find a nice place to hang it up in the child’s room

For longer use and fun, my tip is to laminate the counting cards before cutting.
They are perfect for the number board.



With the nature of the product, digital items are not exchangeable or refundable.
However, I promise to address any concerns and will happily work with you to quickly resolve any issues.


Thank you for visiting our shop, have a wonderful day ahead! 🙂