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Elegant men’s belt “M”

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  • Automatic buckle belt without holes, thanks to an innovative system.
  • 100% cow leather with crocodile pattern
  • Easy to adjust – never too tight or too loose
  • Elegant male buckle with 3D M
  • High wearing comfort and more freedom
  • Effortlessly to shorten your wish size
  • Lengths: 110cm 120cm 130cm
  • Wide: 3,5cm
Estimated Delivery Date 29 October 2019
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Description de Elegant men’s belt “M”

It is the most important accessory for a well-dressed man, a chic genuine leather belt. An accessory that adds something to your outfit and is also a reflection of your special character.

Your brand new men’s belt is not good?

You are happy with the purchase of your brand new men’s belt. Unfortunately, he is still slightly loose. In order to use it, you first need to punch an extra ugly hole in your brand new luxury genuine leather belt. Too bad, right! After a while of intensive wearing, the holes of your men’s belt start to lab. Slowly your chic belt becomes a less attractive belt.
Ok, I already hear you say, but it also has its charm or it has lived.

But what if I tell you this is not necessary anymore?

Today I can offer you the ultimate solution, our automatic buckle men’s belt. Chic genuine leather, automatic buckle belt with 3D M. By means of the push of a button on the side of the buckle you can easily adjust the length of your belt at a very fine level. So from now on you always have a perfectly fitting belt!

Excellent wearing comfort – all day long

Chique echt leer, automatische gesp riem met panter

But the automatic buckle belt can do even more: After an extended meal with your friends he may have to set a small level wider and the next day you should put him two levels smaller. Adjust your revolutionary automatic buckle belt with 3D M at any time, whenever you want.
And it has another added advantage: Unlike with a standard men’s belt with holes, you have less visible user traces at the top of your automatic buckle belt!
Your stylish automatic buckle belt not only offers you a great wearing comfort but your pants are always perfect for your waist.

Men’s belt without holes is that possible?

Yes, that works great. The revolutionary secret is at the back of your leather belt. A brilliant ratchet system has been installed here. By pushing the button of your sturdy 3D M buckle you can fine-tune the length of your leather belt to your feel-good size.

Perfect on trousers or jeans

The modern model is comfortable to wear on your jeans. But he certainly does not go wrong on a casual costume. Made from genuine leather, with a sturdy buckle that is easy to detach or attach. This automatic belt does not stretch and your pants stay perfectly.

This automatic men’s belt with 3D M only wants to be worn by real men!

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Which length should I choose?

The belt comes in 3 different lengths: 110 cm to 130 cm. We advise you to order a slightly longer belt. You can easily cut it to your individual size, thanks to a simple system. Disengage the click buckle on the back of the belt. Then cut the leather belt on the side, where the buckle with 3D M has previously been, cut to your desired length. Now put the leather belt back into the click buckle and fasten it again. Your belt is ready for use.

Order your automatic men’s belt with 3D M now!

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Delivery, delivery times & tracing of the Elegant men’s belt “M”

How long is the delivery time?

After receiving your order and payment we will do everything to ensure that you receive it as soon as possible.
At the top right of this product page you can see an indication when your Elegant men’s belt “M” is about to arrive at your home. Currently we use delivery times for most products from 14 working days (Monday – Friday).

Soms kan de levering iets langer duren

Sometimes delivery can take a little longer
Because we have chosen to send our products directly from the supplier to the customer, we can save on transport and storage costs. That way we can offer products at a lower price than our competition. This does bring with it longer delivery times than you may be used to. In some cases the delivery time can take up to 30 working days, because this partner acts in the hinterland. So multiple delivery steps are often required before your order can be delivered to your home. Why do we offer these products to Qviper? Read more about delivering your Elegant men’s belt “M” here

Why do I receive a different package?

We work with worldwide partners based on Direct Warehouse Fulfillment. So it may be that you receive a (part of your) order with multiple products on different delivery dates and / or from different countries.

Return to country of shipment?

No, all returns are handled by us. Read more about returning or exchanging Elegant men’s belt “M” here

How often is the package offered?

Your package is offered twice. If you are not at home, you will try to deliver your package to your neighbors. If this fails, you will receive a notice in your mailbox with a ‘non-home code’. The package is offered again the next day as standard.

Send an order to my work?

This is not a problem for us. Check with your employer if this is allowed. During the Qviper ordering process, you can enter an alternative address under the tab: Send to a different address? This way you can have the order delivered to your workplace.

Draw for a package?

No, it is not necessary to sign for your package with the Elegant men’s belt “M”.

Tracing a package?

Yes, you will receive a Track & Trace code from your order via e-mail. Please note that following your Tracking ID is not immediately possible.

What to do if the Elegant men’s belt “M” is damaged?

Check the packaging of your item (s) when they arrive. Products from non-EU countries are sometimes opened by customs. Despite working very carefully here, it can happen that a package is damaged or delivered open. If the Elegant men’s belt “M” is damaged, please contact our customer service via e-mail.