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Let your silver jewelry shine again

On a festive table, a shiny silver cutlery looks very exclusive. It brings an extra festive atmosphere. The problem with your valuable silver cutlery or silver jewelry is that in the course of time an attack forms that makes the silver black.

Silver has antibacterial properties
Even the Medicis and Wallenstein swore by her silverware. They had discovered that they could prevent diarrhea if they had used silver plates, silver knives and silver forks.

Let silver shine nicely again
How do you easily clean your silver items again? In the shops special products for cleaning silver are for sale, but it can be easier with this old house remedy.
All you need is:

  • 1 piece of aluminum foil the size of the bottom of your sink
  • 5 tablespoons of salt
  • 5 l water

Step by step to a brilliant result

  1. Close the drain of the sink so that the water does not drain.
  2. Cut a sheet of aluminum foil the size of the bottom of your sink and place the aluminum foil on the bottom.
  3. Now sprinkle 5 tablespoons of salt over the foil and pour the water over it.
  4. I myself boil the required amount of water (about 5 liters) on the stove.
  5. Let the water bubble out and pour it into the sink.
  6. Then stir the water well so that the salt dissolves well, maybe you can already use a silver spoon.
  7. Now put the silver cutlery in the sink, always wear gloves.
  8. Now leave the silver in the solution for about 20 minutes.
  9. Then rinse under warm water, dry and then polish with a soft cloth.
  10. Your silver cutlery or items are like new again. If you need to clean a large quantity of silver, then it is necessary to place an extra sheet of aluminum foil between the cutlery.

Clean silver jewelry

To make your silver jewelry shine again, you can also use the above recipe. We advise you to explain a heat-resistant container with an equal size of aluminum foil. Sprinkle salt with 1 tablespoon of salt and sprinkle with 1 liter of boiling water. Give your precious silver in the solution for about 15 minutes. Take out and polish dry.

Cause for discoloration

After a while a black layer forms on the silver, this oxidation layer is also called patina. For the patina, silver sulfide, a compound of sulfur and silver, is responsible. This silver sulfide is produced by contact with air and foodstuffs containing sulfur, such as eggs containing sulfur compounds. You need electrons to solve the patina. Do you know that there are noble and base metals? The more sophisticated a metal is, the better it gives off electrons. We use this property when cleaning the silver. Aluminum foil is a non-precious metal and gives off electrons more easily than the noble silver.
If you give these 2 metals simultaneously in a solution of hot water and salt, then the electrons of aluminum go on silver.
This creates a minimum tension. The moment the electrons come into contact with the silver a chemical reaction arises, which dissolves the sulfur and the silver becomes clean again. In other words, the silver is lowered and the negatively charged binding partner sulfur is no longer required. The oxidized aluminum and sulfur remain in the solution. After some time this reaction comes to a standstill because the aluminum does not give electrons endlessly. The solution is exhausted.

Black will slow down slightly

My grandmother has already learned this useful tip from her mother. In order to delay the blacking of her precious silver cutlery or silver jewelery, her mother always had a piece of chalk in the cutlery drawer and jewelery box. In my jewelry box is always a piece of school chalk next to my silver jewelry. In my opinion it gets less black.

Conclusion: Let your silver shine again.

Silver has the property to quickly get a black touch. With this old home remedy you can also clean silver cutlery or silver jewelery in an instant and let it shine beautifully. Did you find this tip useful, then give it a Like and / or share it with your friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and / or Pinterest, etc

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