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Automatic belt – comfortable and chic

For you as a well-dressed man, a chic genuine leather belt is an important accessory. He adds something to your outfit and is a reflection of your individual character.

Do you want a well-fitting belt?

You are happy with your purchase of your brand new belt. Unfortunately, he is not well again. There is only one solution: you have to punch an extra ugly hole in your brand new luxury belt. Too bad, right! After a period of intensive wearing, the holes of your belt are labored out. Your belt has become an ugly duck belt.

There is a revolutionary belt

Today I can offer you the ultimate solution, our automatic buckle men’s belt. With us you will find a stylish range of genuine leather men’s belts and designed automatic buckles. This automatic belt buckle is ideal for those who take comfort and style very seriously. It is designed to uniquely hold your trousers or jeans in the right place. So from now on you always have a perfectly fitting belt!

Comfortable- throughout the day

Adjust your revolutionary automatic buckle belt at any time, whenever you want. After a festive dinner with your family you may have to set a small level wider and in the evening it will be too loose. Put it down two levels without any problems.
An important additional advantage: An automatic buckle belt has much less visible user traces at the top.

Men’s belt without holes, how is that possible?

At the back of this revolutionary men’s belt is his secret. A brilliant ratchet system has been installed here. You can easily adjust the length of your automatic belt to your required size by simply pressing the button of your chic buckle.

Our elegant automatic  belt with exchangeable buckle

Create your unique automatic belt collection

Every automaticbelt can be expanded to your own wishes and preferences. Thanks to a groundbreaking system, you can swap both the belt and the automatic buckle in a jiffy for a different color and / or design. This way you can have your own individual belt collection at home in no time.
Starting is very simple: Buy one complete automatic  men’s belt and expand your collection with one or more interchangeable buckle (s).


If you only buy one belt and then combine it with 3 or 4 automatic buckles you have an excellent exchangeable basic belt collection. By purchasing an extra genuine leather belt you double your combination possibilities. Let your creativity run wild with your belt collection.

Go for the perfect look

This cool belt offers you a pleasant wearing comfort. It is great for both a business, casual or festive look. Your jeans, your trousers or your business trousers are always perfect. Our elegant automatic belt does not stretch. Easy to loosen or fasten. Change your belt length whenever you want.

Which length is suitable for me?

We advise you to order a slightly longer belt. In no time an automatic belt can easily be shortened to your individual size. We offer this men’s belt in 5 different lengths: 110 cm to 130 cm.

Step-by-step plan for shortening your belt:

  1. Determine your belt length by measuring your waist size. Measure here for the size where you wear a belt.
  2. Disconnect the automatic buckle at the back of the belt.
  3. Then determine the length of your belt. For example, if you want to get eight centimeters off, you measure eight centimeters from the side of the belt where the buckle has been stuck.
  4. With a tape measure, this length is easy to determine.
  5. With a pen or pencil you now put a vertical line across the width of your leather belt. To draw a straight line it is advisable to use a ruler.
  6. Then cut off the leather belt on the side where the buckle was, with a sharp pair of scissors at your desired length.
  7. Now place the leather belt back in the snap lock. Make sure that the rattling system of yours is visible on the leather belt with replacement in the buckle.
  8. Secure via the clamping bracket on the back of the buckle.
  9. Voilá, your belt is now on request


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