Qviper- Find a trendy & useful assortiment for your dynamic lifestyle - ORDER & PAYMENT
Placing an order is absolutely easy with Qviper.


Musthaves & Lifestyles are looking for a new home!

I would like to have Qviper’s Musthaves & Lifestyles moved into my house. How does that work? Very uncomplicated, you have to place an order for this.
Below we give you a detailed explanation of the entire ordering process of Qviper with all its possibilities.

Safe, fast and for everyone: here’s how you can pay safely online!


For your security, all transactions are encrypted using SSL protocol (for more information, read our FAQs on secure payments).

The sum is charged when the order is shipped: when the online purchase is completed and you receive a confirmation email, payment is only preauthorised. The amount is only charged when the items purchased are shipped.



  • To pay using this method you have to have a PayPal account or create a new one (free of charge) on paypal.com
  • At checkout, input your identification details and proceed to payment. PayPal will securely encrypt and protect your card number.

Can I ship a product to a friend?

You can specify an alternative address when placing your order. You can send most items to different shipping addresses by specifying the name and shipping address of each recipient when you place your order. For example, you can have your purchase sent as a gift to a friend. Or you use the alternative address to have your order delivered to your workplace, for example.

Can I also order from abroad?

It does not matter which country you are currently in, we deliver your desired product (s) almost all over the world, thanks to Direct Warehouse Fulfillment. Keep in mind that the shipping costs may vary.

The most difficult step: choosing product (s)

It starts with the most difficult step, choosing your perfect product (s). We want to give you a helping, invisible hand, through detailed product photos and informal product descriptions and / or product videos. Still something unclear, our customer service is at your service via the live chat, e-mail or telephone.

I have chosen my favorite product (s), how to proceed?

Congratulations, the most difficult step has been taken. By clicking the ‘SHOP NOW’ button, you place the product in your shopping cart. You will receive a notification above the product that you have successfully placed it in the shopping basket.

Help, I can not click the “SHOP NOW” button

The button ‘Shop now’ is slightly blurred and you can not click it. The reason for this is that you can choose between different colors, sizes, etc. for some items. Before you can place the product in your shopping basket, you must first select the appropriate color, size, etc. Click on the appropriate picture for you. If you have made all the choices, then the button ‘Shop now’ is no longer faded and you can place the item in your shopping cart by clicking on it.

I want to order more than 1 product

Choose the desired number on the left of the ‘Shop now’ button using the up or down arrow. You can also click in the box and type the number directly.

How many products are already in my shopping cart?

Right above , above the menu, you can always see how many articles are in your shopping cart. If you move your mouse over the symbol of the shopping basket, you will see a total overview of your shopping basket, including all your products and the total amount. You can also go straight to the shopping cart page by clicking on the ‘VIEW BASKET’ button. Or click directly on the ‘CHECK OUT’ button to complete your order.

Adjust shopping basket – always possible

Think about this, the removal of a product. Well, we will not really like that, but if you delete it, it was never YOUR product. You can also adjust the numbers of each product here. You can do this, just as with the product page, by clicking the up or down arrow in the box below number or typing the number directly. To confirm, click on update shopping cart and you are ready for the next and last step.
If you are on the shopping cart page, you can not see a shopping cart overview under the symbol of the shopping cart in the upper right corner, above the menu.

You are almost there – placing an order

At Qviper, creating an account to place an order is not necessary. Especially if you are a new customer, we understand very well that you do not want to create an account yet. Do you still want a Qviper account? At the bottom of ‘1. Invoice address’ you can choose to create a new account.

Place an order with Qviper account

When you have a Qviper account you can log in so that all your necessary details are filled in automatically. You can also use all the advantages of the ‘Qviper Diamonds’ loyalty program with every order.

Why do I have to fill in all this information

We know from our own experience that completing the order form takes the most time and many people hate it. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to send your product (s) on a journey without your data and payment request and thus have you withdrawn in your home.
Many parcel deliverers also want to know your telephone number in the meantime, in order to offer you a better delivery service such as informing you about the delivery time. Under no circumstances will we sell your information to third parties and only provide this information if this is necessary for the execution of our agreement with you or to comply with a legal obligation.

Fill in the coupon & details

Do you have a discount voucher? Enter your discount code by clicking the ‘Click here to enter your code’ button. Your discount will be deducted immediately. Fill in your details completely and check them carefully. If you have an account, your details are automatically filled in. Then choose your payment request. Should we know something special concerning your order, you can place a comment in the order notes box. Check your details again and tick both the terms and conditions and privacy policy and click on ‘Place order!’.
Before and during the entire ordering process we always use a secure (SSL) connection to protect your data as well as possible.

Now checkout and your product (s) can look forward to a new home

You will now enter the screen of the payment method chosen by you. You will now be guided through the payment step by step. Read more about our payment options, sending and  Refunds & Returns Policy

How do I know if my order has been successful?

Once your order has been placed with us, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details, a digital invoice in pdf format and your payment details. We will keep you informed of the status of your order by e-mail. Moments to which we send you an e-mail are when your payment (by bank transfer) has been received and once your order has been sent. In the unlikely event that your order is not or temporarily unavailable, we will inform you of this.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes, that’s possible. If you wish to change or cancel your order, please send an e-mail or contact customer service via +31 (0) 475 76 90 95. Please state clearly the order number of your order in the subject of your e-mail. If your package has not yet been sent, it can be canceled and the full amount will be refunded to your account.