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Welcome to Qviper

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
― Confucius



Hello, my name is Elke Meise, founder and CEO of Qviper. My roots are in Lippe / Germany. As a mother of 2 adult sons, I am a passionate, creative cook with ambition to experiment. I like to spend my free time with my partner and dog Sammy in nature.

Passion for solutions

Since my early childhood, I have developed a passion to make solutions simpler and more effective, in daily life and in my work life.
My work drive as an independent IT Coach, Web producer and Marketing consultant is to approach everyone as an individual and a special person.
I continue this drive and passion together with my team in our company Qviper.

Inspired by seafarers culture

Now more than 16 years is my food center in the beautiful Limburg / Netherlands. Soon I became inspired by the Dutch seafarers culture, from acting and discovering foreign countries, languages and products. Products that have made life easier for many generations. Based on this, I started working with Qviper.



Our story

About Qviper

Curious, who and what is behind Qviper?
Our team does not own a sailing boat. But we are the sailors of the 21st century, sailing the World Wide Web for you!
New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, great products are created all over the world, even in your region. We have taken up the challenge of finding you a trendy and useful range in collaboration with global manufacturers. A range that matches your individual lifestyle and life moment. An assortment with which you can show someone that he / she is important to you. Upcycling products
Our range includes Statement and handmade Upcycling products. With these products we want to send a clear signal for conscious use of our resources. For example, we produce upcycle jewelry from old buttons or unique scented candles for the autumn by reusing old mugs, jam legs, etc.




We are aware that your diary is full and that free time is very precious to you! That is why Shopping with us is fast and absolutely simple for you. For this we like to give 110% every day.

With helping, invisible hands
To get a good, virtual impression of the product , we create detailed product photos, informal product descriptions and product videos. Behind the scenes, we are busy discovering the latest trends for you on a daily basis. These are tested, photographed, described and videos recorded.
Risk-free shopping – always 14 days to change your mind

Returns within 14 days are no problem at all, provided it is undamaged and unused. We want you to enjoy your product and it should not disappear unused in the last corner of your cupboard.
With all due care, it may happen that your delivered product is damaged. Here you can rely on the help of our customer service.
Or is something unclear? Our motivated customer service is happy to answer all your questions. Via online chat, email, whatsapp, facebook or telephone. And who knows, you may also get me directly on the line. Want to know more how our customer service works?


Direct Warehouse Fulfilment


The cooperation with worldwide producers, with whom Qviper is working, is based on Direct Warehouse Fulfillment . For you, this means that you can buy products from any corner of the world and we can keep the costs low.
Obviously, searching the World Wide Web is not enough to place a product at Qviper.

Search, analyze & testing

We also always want to know who is behind the product. Product testing is an important part of our day-to-day work.
And believe me, testing brings the most LOL to our entire team.
Especially when it comes to how stable a product is in heat , one team member is always at the front. In addition to all the LOL, the product descriptions, product photos or videos are also created.

because You’re Important


My list of ideas for Qviper is still very long. My loyal friend Sammy is always the first to hear a new idea. For example, during our daily walks in beautiful Limburg, he uninhibitedly rejects or approves new ideas. Time will tell which ideas you will see.

My team and I wish you a lot of fun shopping on Qviper. And don’t forget, if you have a question, get in touch!



We are there for you


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Email : support@qviper.com

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